Personal Item/Toy Policy

The cleaners have a scheduled amount of time per cleaning and they must accomplish as much as possible that is within the hired scope of services. We ask that you put away your personal/confidential items, toys, food and clothing (if not apart of laundry service) before the crew arrives. They will not always know where your personal items and toys belong. This helps the crew render the best cleaning and maximize their time.

Payment Payment

Payment is due on the day of service and preferred before the cleaners leave your home. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, PayPal, check and cash for payment. If you do not intend to pay with a check, cash or PayPal, please contact our office to do an over the phone payment the day before your scheduled cleaning.

Scheduling Policy

We ask for at least 2 preferred days of the week for scheduling your cleanings when you start recurring service. We also request a preferred time range (the earliest the cleaners can arrive and the latest they can leave) within those days. Based on this information we set up an automatic recurring calendar for office use. We will send you an email appointment reminder based on the appointment slots we have available for that day and your regular crew. Appointment reminders are sent 1-2 days prior to your appointment. If we can not schedule you on your preferred days we will contact you by phone and/or email.

Please expect your crew during your scheduled window. Occasionally we have unforseen circumstances that alters their appointment start times. These circumstances can range from unexpected traffic, unable to enter a client’s home at schedule time or a cleaning ended earlier or later than scheduled. Please request a phone call, email or text message if you would like to know when the crew is in route.

If you need a specific start or end time for your cleaning, please let us know no later than 24 hours of your appointment so that we can accommodate you. We can not guarantee an appointment time change if we are notified within 24 hours of your appointment start time.

Reschedule/Cancellation/Lockout Policy

We must receive a reschedule/cancellation notice up to 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time. There is a $33 late cancellation fee if your appointment is not cancelled by that time.

If the cleaners arrive on your regularly scheduled day without a cancellation or reschedule and unable to gain entry into your home, our office will call, email and/or text you while the cleaners wait up to 15 minutes before going to the next appointment. If the crew is unable to perform a cleaning after 15 minutes, this will be considered a lockout which a $33 lockout fee is applied to your account.

Security System PolicyIf you have a security system that you plan to activate on the day of your scheduled cleaning, please make sure that our office have the alarm code ahead of time. This information is kept with our secured files and is only shared with the team leader.

Non-compete/Solicit Policy

We ask that you do not solicit our employees for additional work outside of scheduling with TNT Services that is within the scope of work that we offer our clients.

Working Utilities We ask that there are working utilities for the cleaners to perform their duties efficiently and thoroughly. The utilities that are needed are electricity, proper lighting, running water, air conditioning and heat. We ask that you have your home in a comfortable temperature for the cleaners to work in. If you would like for them to access your a/c or heat, please provide our office with specific instructions on temperatures to set when arriving and exiting.

Cleaning Crew Flow of Direction

All of our cleaners are professionally trained on how to conduct a cleaning alone and with a crew. They are trained to work in a top to bottom, bottom to top, front to back or back to front flow of direction when working. This helps the cleaners move along and complete sections of the home together. This allows the residents to work, relax or study in clean areas as they finish without constantly disrupting the client. We ask that you discuss with the team leader at the beginning of the appointment what is the best area you or other residents should move to while the cleaners are presently working. Disrupting the flow of the cleaners reduces accuracy and efficiency in their cleaning. It also increase the time they are in your home by spending extra time moving around in an unsystematic flow of direction and transporting shared supplies equipment between multiples areas of your home.

The cleaners will inform you when the floors are being cleaned. We ask that you, other residents and pets stay out of the areas where vacuuming, sweeping and mopping is taking place. After being informed that the floors are being cleaned, moving around those areas is at the client and it’s household’s own risk.

New Additions to Family/Home

If you’re either adding a new addition to your household (roommate, child, long term visitor or pet) or rehabbing your home may alter the amount of time needed to clean your home. You must contact us as soon as this change occur to discuss these changes. Rates We charge a flat rate for recurring services and a time block for one time deep cleaning services. Our rates vary due to the size of your home, the amount of additional tasks that you select, the frequency of visits and any additional factors (finishes, furniture, pets, etc) that alter cleaning times.

Our general services rate is $33/hour/cleaner for one time cleaning or additional time needed to recurring services. Please review your intake form for your recurring rates or deep cleaning time block rate and estimated amount of time for cleanings.

Late Payments/Collections Pay

Payment is due on the day on the day of service. If we do not receive a payment or payment arrangements 5 days after the day of service a $25 late fee will be applied to the past due cleaning amount. If we do not receive any payment arrangements, service is suspended until the past due balance is paid.

If we have made multiple failed attempts to collect a past due payment for a cleaning that was performed or no payment arrangements are made, the account will be in collection status after 30 days and will incur a 12% finance charge every 30 days. After 90 days the account will be sent to a collection agency.

Pet Policy

Our cleaners enjoy working around pets. However Fido may normally be friendly when his/her normal family area around with strangers but sometimes pets aren’t as cooperative when home alone with unfamiliar people. It’s easy for the cleaners to work with minimal walking across the wet floor or vacuuming with your dog(s) in a secured area. We ask that you provide instructions on how to handle your pet(s) in the event that an issue occurs. We encourage sharing emergency contact numbers and locations of treats.